Common questions about our services


  • How much does the GPS Tracking solution cost?

    The solution consists of a GPS tracking device with a unique cost, and a monthly cost for the service. Contact the team for more information.

  • What is the fleet size that I should have?

    The solutions are designed for all sizes of fleets, Phoenix has customers from 1 vehicle to 2,500 vehicles. The devices are scalable and expandable, which means you can start with a basic solution and grow as your operation requires it.

  • Is the information in real time?

    The GPS device can report every second, depending on your plan you will be able to know all the activities of your vehicles.

  • Who stores the information?

    Phoenix has encrypted the information and stored it, our servers are hosted on Amazon AWS with high standards of physical security.

  • What do I get if I already have my GPS device?

    If you already have a solution, you can integrated it with Phoenix's systems: your provider, your GPS device and your carrier. The systems are dynamic and customizable.

  • How do I integrate my provider?

    Basically what the provider is asked is to forward the information of your GPS devices to our systems so that you can visualize them in our applications.

  • Who watches my system work?

    Phoenix has a Customer Care Center available 24 hours a day, monitoring service anomalies and manipulations, informing customers, providing technical support and assistance in case of a theft or abduction.

GPS Tracker

  • Who manufactures your products and what warranty offers?

    Phoenix develops and manufactures its own solutions, they have a 2-year and lifetime warranty depending on the product, you can see more information in the Warranty section.

  • How often are your services and products updated?

    In the case of devices, Phoenix sends remote updates at least two times per year at low activity times. In applications of much more constant changes.

  • What coverage do you provide?

    Phoenix recommends Telcel for 2G / 3G / 4G coverage in Mexico, and Movistar 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G for worldwide coverage. Also have a backup with the integration to Iridium network to not lose coverage.

  • Is it possible for a GPS device to drain my battery car?

    The Phoenix devices are designed to not consume power when the vehicle is off, a device uses less than 5 mA, would take 2 months with the vehicle stopped to discharge the battery.

  • Is it not illegal to connect a GPS in vehicles?

    Each vehicle manufacturer have different warranty guidelines, Phoenix has invested a lot of time with the manufacturers brands to check the appropriate connection points; there are non-invasive solutions that do not damage the vehicle or require cutting cables, the connection method will depend on what the customer needs.

  • How do you connect a device without cutting cables?

    Phoenix have solutions with power autonomy that does not require vehicle power. The most complex ones are connected to the OBD2 port.

Engine Diagnostics OBD2

  • What is OBD2?

    OBD2 is the diagnostic port of your vehicle. Since 1996 the vehicles have this port, the mechanics use it to check faults and repair the vehicles. In the case of the trucks, we add a hidden converter to the OBD2 that allow to connect a GPS device.

  • Does the OBD2 GPS device interfere with my computer?

    No, unlike many solutions on the market the function of the Phoenix device is to only read the information that travels through the computer, but does not request or saturate the communication.

  • How can I read the computer of my vehicle?

    OBD2 devices has the ability to read information from the vehicle's engine, transmission, instrumentation and subsystems in real time.

  • Can I read fuel level?

    Fuel level is an indicator that not all vehicle's computer have, it will depend on the vehicle that can be read by OBD2.

  • What parameters can be read?

    The most important that most vehicles can provide are revolutions per minute, engine oil temperature, engine hours, odometer, acceleration pedal position and fault codes.

  • Do you recommend the OBD2 solution?

    For every need there is a different solution, we invite you to contact the team.

  • What happens if the computer does not work?

    If the vehicle's computer is not working, the device reports the basic parameters such as location, speed and altitude.


  • Does the device recognize Jammer?

    Yes, Jammer interference is very different from interference by an object that obstructs the signal, or loss of coverage. All Phoenix devices have an algorithm with the ability to recognize and warn of a possible Jammer. In case of theft you can generate automatic reaction events.

  • Does it have a panic button and a remote engine stop?

    Depending on the solution you may have one or several panic buttons and a remote engine stop.

  • What happens if you disconnect the device?

    No matter if the vehicle is on or off, thanks to its internal battery Phoenix GPS devices have a backup to keep working and to report a manipulation.

  • What happens in case of towing?

    The devices have the ability to detect whether the vehicle is being towed and to notify it.


  • How do I configure what I want to take care of?

    The systems are very intuitive, Phoenix has the Customer Service Center to advise and empower you.

  • Can I install the device by my own?

    Yes, OBD2 devices and Portables devices are easy and quick to install, you will not need more than a manual to do this. In the case of wired equipment you will require a person with automotive technical knowledge.

  • How do I know if my device is securely connected?

    When you connect your device, it is necessary to contact the Customer Service Center to perform connectivity tests.

  • Why does my vehicle beep?

    The beep depends on the functions enabled with your account executive, please contact us to guide you better.

Apps & Web System

  • Is the system compatible with iOS and Android?

    For your convenience, Phoenix has native mobile applications for each mobile system and all systems are compatible with tablets, computers and mobile phones.

  • What features does my computer need?

    You can use the systems with browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari 6+. Your computer only requires 1GB of RAM, 1GB of free disk space, Windows Vista or newer, Mac OS X 10 or higher, or any Linux distribution.

  • How many users can I have?

    There is no user limit.

  • How many groups of units can I create?

    You have no group limit.

  • How many reports can I create?

    You have no reporting limit.

  • How do I assign permissions?

    The systems are very intuitive, in the training and manuals you can find information on how to assign permissions per user to groups of units and information of your system.

  • How long will my information be stored?

    The information is stored entirety, Phoenix has full backups on its servers hosted on Amazon AWS. Online you can consult and manage information regarding 3 months and increase to 12 months.

  • Can I schedule maintenance?

    The systems are able to program maintenance through the digital odometer, engine hours or days elapsed, warning you before the expiration of your maintenance.

  • How much error is on the digital odometer against vehicle's odometer?

    An error of up to 5 km per 100 km can be presented, the advantage of the digital odometer is that it does not require connection to the computer and is not invasive with the vehicle. The vehicle's original odometer read depend if its available in its OBD2 port.

  • Is the digital odometer more accurate?

    There is no correct answer, the digital odometer uses measurement times of one second against distances traveled, the vehicle's odometer works mechanically that also has a degree of error.

  • Can I change my password?

    From your user panel you can change your password when you want.

  • What happens if I forget my password?

    You will need to contact the Customer Service Center to request the re-establish of your user and send you a new access.

  • Which languages does the systems have?

    English and Spanish.

  • How do I change my language?

    You can do it from your user panel entering the system, by selecting the language of your preference.

  • Do you have routing tools?

    Yes, Phoenix has broad options to ensure routes compliance and low-cost opportunities.

  • Can I customize the systems with my website and my logo?

    Yes, you can consult the team for the steps to follow.

  • Can I set up automatic reports?

    Yes, scheduling a task and sending reports where you need them in PDF or Excel format.

  • Can I view my information in PDF or Excel reports?

    Yes, you also have an online viewer.

  • How many reports can I send?

    Maximum you can send 500 reports per minute and no more than 25 Mb size.

  • Can I upload massive geofences?

    Yes, through Excel you can upload your geofences in massive way into the system.

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