GPS Tracker O1 Pocket

GPS Tracker O1 Pocket

The O1 Pocket is waterproof with IPX5 designed to work autonomously, requires no connection and can stay up to 180 hours running. It has a panic button and its design allows it to be hidden anywhere.


from $3,225 MXN single payment TAX included

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GPS Tracker O1 Pocket

Prevents tampering

The device is impossible to turn off, it has two buttons that can be disabled to prevent someone from trying to turn it off, and notifying a panic button. Simulates an LED off to give the impression that is off.

Configure an alert to your cell phone when your battery is about to end.

GPS Tracker O1 Pocket
We have you covered

It can operate by motion with an energy saving mode, providing more than 250 hours. Save up to 20,000 events when no GSM network is available.


Route control, speeding, jammer, panic button, battery status are some of the alerts you will have with this device.


Recommended for packages and people, it can be used to locate vehicles, box truck, and much more.


Don't worry about changes, all our devices can be configured over the air.

The future of your fleet

This is the last GPS Tracker you would need, with all the features it has and all the accesories you can get.

All the accesories are design and developed by us with absolute control of the solutions: magnets, covers, extra batteries, car chargers, and more.
GPS Tracker O1 Pocket
GPS Tracker O1 Pocket

Be more technical

For more information request the brochure.
  • Encryption
  • Unique ID and dinamic security keys
  • Digitally-signed firmware
  • Internal battery 1,300 mAh (140 hours)
  • Size 48 x 25 x 48 mm
  • Weight 48 g
  • Automotive standards

Already have a device or provider? We have you covered!

With the Third-Party integration you can use our On Web Tracking System.

On Web Tracking System

On Web Tracking System

Manage your fleet in a web-based software with native iOS and Android Apps for smart use.

All the vehicle and driver information online with notifications by exceptions; make faster and smarter decisions.