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Mar 27, 2017

"La Tecnología para la prevención de accidentes", Magazine México Automotriz

Juan Manuel Villafañe, emphasizes that "we are dedicated to caring for lives, saving lives", referring to the nascent history of a small company among the big ones, that advances with a steady pace, offering the best technology at the best price, always concerned with raising awareness and take care of the customer and the public.

Today we will talk about Car Store, the voice of who gave it life in 2004 and together with a great team advances day by day, recognized by large companies, with more than 150 thousand products sold annually and a growth of 23 and 35% the company and its products, in the last 3 years.

A company that emerged in 2004 attending automotive agencies, focusing on accident prevention with reverse maneuvers, with Pepsi being its first customer in 2005 and then about 30 major brands are deployed, such as Bimbo, LALA, Gamesa, Sonrics, Sabritas, Marinela, Barcel, Bonafont, Heineken, among others, thanks to not only software development, but also tracking hardware, said Villafañe.

"The market has brought us to the talent, we love what we do and we manifest it taking care of preventing accidents" proudly affirmed the leader, who also mentioned that they work with the existential fleet and that is being integrated, mega companies like Manufacturas Gami, Industria Zubiría, IDER, among others, that is, they already come with the technology of Car Store.

Keep customers more than 5 years; and we are sending this technology that is being recognized as part of Mexico to Central America, Colombia, Argentina, Chile Paraguay, Morocco, Spain, El Salvador, among others, noting that Mexico has a structure robust in the transport sector and is an example of technology, defined Mr. Juan Manuel, as part of the current plans that are taking place in 2017.


Blind spot systems, 360 to take care of the periphery of the vehicle, reverse cameras, wireless cameras for tractor trucks, reverse sirens that adjust to environmental noise, telemetry and GPS where readings of handling habits, fatigue, excessive use of the accelerator , sudden turns, incorrect speed changes, which provide benefits to the wireless communication structure; SCM (security and control module) a vehicle mapping device, a system that controls the lights, siren, anti-theft system, more than 20 functions in a single mechanism, as well as a total of 40 products developed in Carstore, enlisted the Engineer Francisco Marquez, right arm of Villafañe.

Software, hardware and services that are being developed with quality and affordable prices, which we can follow closely on its website,

Car Store, the technology for the prevention of accidents, which rather than seek recognition, is aimed at the task of developing all kinds of automotive products and accessories; the fruit of an Argentine who emigrated to Mexico from the age of 20, assisted by a Veracruz engineer who left his country at age 18, as well as a great team, committed to the quality of its products. Undoubtedly, Mexico Automotriz will continue to be close to this "hundred percent Mexican" company and we expect you, too.

Source: Magazine Mexico Automotriz 2016

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